Friday, February 29, 2008

Skinny Jeans evah..

Skinny Jeans. One of the hottest styles. Fitting pants for men and women click at the present time. Bell bottom style is no longer "in" that is why as you have noticed around you, almost everybody wears fitting pants or "SKINNY JEANS". This style really attracts the market or the people.

If you're a person or a woman who has "butt" and with a chicken legs or long legged shape, this will absolutely looks you SEXY. hehe. It's nice and fabulous if its suits you but if not...never dare! nakz..hehehe.

For men, as i have said, this is also "in" for them. Men prefer quite fit pants because they will also look awesome! IF and only if, it is again suits them but, if not never mind! It would just make you aa "Trying hard" to be part of the fashion.

PSSSTt! Things to PONDER guys, Never ever wear anything if it does not suit you or if it does not good to look at you. But sometimes there are really many people who would dare even if they knew. Just for them to be behind not with the Latest FASHION GALORE!

Emo is a fashion.

Emo" is the hottest fashion nowadays! Well, this picture shows the "emo" hair style. An "emo" person has black border or shall i say dark eye liner that emphasizes their EYES...

The hottest fashion in Year 2008!