Sunday, November 30, 2008

Online career: Rasmussen College

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Victoria's secret Bra causes scarring and rashes

I found an article from yahoo's fashion and Beauty page about Victoria's Secret lawsuit case. There was a woman who filed a lawsuit against the company because of problem she experienced with the Victoria Secret's Bra. Here's the full article.

"'Now this is scary: Ohio resident Roberta Ritter, 37, has filed a lawsuit against lingerie company Victoria's Secret, claiming its bras gave her painful rashes, blisters, hives, and permanent scarring:

"I had welts … very red, hot to the touch, extremely inflamed, blistery," Ritter said. "It itched profusely … I couldn't sleep, waking up itching. I was just utterly sick."

According the suit, Ritter's lawyers sent the bras—specifically the Angels Secret Embrace and Very Sexy Extreme Me Push-Up styles—for lab tests and found that each of the undergarments contained formaldehyde (yes, the chemical compound—and probable carcinogen—found in embalming fluid).

The company denies the problem, saying: "We have strict quality controls around our products, and we do not use formaldehyde in our bras." However, since Ritter's initial complaint in May, her legal team says dozens of women have come forward with health issues caused by the faulty, formaldehyde-filled brassieres.

'It may not be something that they're specifying to put in their bras, but somehow [formaldehyde] is making its way into the manufacturing process because it was certainly present," attorney Dawn Chmielewski told ABC News. Lawyers for Ritter and the other victims have filed paperwork for a class-action suit, with the hope that Victoria's Secret will reimburse them for medical bills and suffering.

In the meantime, the bras in question remain on VS store shelves nationwide and are available for order in its catalogs and website.
Unless you want to be known as "blister boobs," consider yourself warned. Ouch.
Source: ABC News

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