Sunday, March 23, 2008

dresses with leggings

Hey guys! I got this idea from Coy's Blog... I just copied it since i am also interested to post it here in my page...Latest Fashion!

For you to look pretty and glamorous with your leggings...

Leggings and skirts are truly a dynamic duo. If you have qualms about showing off your stems, add a pair of leggings in to the mix. Leggings enable skin-shy women to pull off skirts of all lengths. Choose a color that coordinates with your top, and keep in mind that dark colors are always more flattering.

Peeking out from a sturdy shirtdress, tights add an extra layer of style, often in the form of a pattern or color. When it comes to sun dresses and other breezy numbers, take caution: most flirty frocks are just too light for tights. A good rule of thumb is that if the dress demands heels, stick to bare legs. On the other hand, flats and sandals work, leggings will too.

If you want your tights can take the spotlight, pair them with a tunic. Standard tees and tanks simply won’t work unless you’re a model or an aerobics instructor–make sure your top hem touches your upper thigh, and you’re good to go.

High heels tend to look very “retro dance queen” teamed with tights–and not in a good way. Avoid heels of any height and instead opt for ballet flats, skimmers, moccasins, and slides. With stylish flats, you can pull off tights with casual ease.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Cute pendants for lovers

It's so cute. I like it because it's nice! One for you and one for your partner. Wow! How i wish i can have this and someone who would give me its half! nakz! hehehe. How sweet. It's really nice and sweet if in a relationship specifically lovers, has a common thing or stuff for the both of them just like this pendant, right? hmmmm. When you're with friends they would easily recognized this common stuff in both of you. I am sure, it would be one of the precious things for the lovers.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Hoop earings

Donut hoops earings are one of the latest fashion accessories for women. Big and attractive earings make a woman looks glamorous! nakz! how great! Earings as big as donuts!

latest gadget

PSP, a handheld game console. Almost everybody especially teenagers crave for this gadget! I wish i can have one also..hehe. Manufactured by Sony Computer Entertainment.
It costs about 10 thousand pesos less. Based from what i've heard from my classmates because they're planning to have one... nakz! How nice!

Shoes for you

Wat??heheh. I can't imagine myself wearing this kind of shoe. Shoe with no heel! manage your walk men!

One of a million kind of shoes. So unussual right?hehe. This shoe is the latest shoe in Paris! Imagine yourself wearing this kind of shoe...hehe. i assure you everybody will get struck at you.

Shoe for men and women. Chuck taylor style is dominating all around the world. One of the latest fashion shoes!