Saturday, December 5, 2009

PPP Upgrade

With a hat that size, you'll have no trouble

Monday, September 7, 2009

Checkered Attires

One of the most hit fashions now adays is the checkered style clothes or dress.

Here are some of the this... So nice and pretty to wear! Isn't it?

Saturday, August 29, 2009

The latest in Me

After all, i missed going to work now! ahmf! I'm quite feeling bored right now. This is the first time ever that i feel this boredom since the day i left and off work. I thought it would make me happier having this lax life after all those stressful days. Huhumm. All I'm thinking right now is on how i am gonna get back everything like having work again. Thinking the first step that you're gonna make to start all over again is so depressing and stressful. Whenever i think about it, i feel like hopeless and uneasy. I am afraid of facing failures again! It's so tough at the start during the first step of finding a job. It's so tiring and all however, I need to do so and to sacrifice since I 'm the one who is in need of it. Another thing is, as other say, you have to send as many resumes as you can when you badly needed a job. But for me now, i just only sent few. uh oh! And, what should I expect? MIRACLE! hmp!

As of this moment, I am waiting for shall i say... Graces from God! hehe. ahmp! could be! And hoping that I would be blessed with the graces that God would grant me. Yeah, hopefully in God's guidance and blessings, I'd be having my successful career someday since we can't deny the fact that it's really hard looking for a job right now especially this time of crisis. The unemployment rate is rapidly growing. Everyone is badly needing job! tsk.

....all i can say is...

Hopefully... hopefully...

Long Live Job seekers!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Web Hosting Ratings

What is web hosting?

Well, Web hosting is a business providing hardware and services to store, maintain, and present Web sites and provide Internet connection to those sites. ( It is one of the successful businesses which dominates the Internet nowadays. So, Interested in a web hosting stuff? I can share something to you guys! I can give you a website which would provide you ideas of the best web hosting providers. I have just learned and found out a website which would surely offer or give you enough information with regards to web hosting. It's

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Credit and Debt Consolidation

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

I've been captured by handsome Stranger

It really bothers me so much!huhu. I was struck with someone at the beach just today when we celebrated the birthday of Pia (may inaanak). That someone i saw at the beach and the "EYE-TO-EYE" contact that we had which truly melted me so much keep on like flashing into my mind! I can't really let go that moments when our eyes met, twice! I can really feel something with that stares and, that's the reason why i feel like chasing him in my mind until now. I'm getting crazy because i keep on thinking things like, if only i do this and that...hahay! "Sayang!" and i'm like blaming myself for that wasted moments or chances that i failed to make a move!tsk! haha. grrr! Because there was a chance where i was holding the camera and he and his friends were like at the back of those people that i'm gonna take a shot. "Sayang!"huhu. I failed to take picture with him because of course, i'm like showing "pakipot", demure and im also watching my gestures or behavior since i'm a gurl. I should behave and have my pride. I don't want them even him think that im obviously flirting though i did. haha. Then, I never expected that their group would go home early. It was just 1pm when they packed up their things! Too early! This really made me sad and i felt the fast beat of my heart becaus i got pressured with the many thoughts in my mind! As n! Thinking that he will be gone from my eyes anymore and knowing that i don't have any idea about him, how could then, i meet this guy...

Well, it's only in my mind where i can chase him ,which is also the least i could do since i don't know about him even his name, where he come from and everything about him, im nothing. I just knew him by Face!huhu OMG! Now, i'm like paranoid about him. How could i meet him or see him again? Should i relay and believe in Destiny starting now? uh oh! hahay, I'm so funny why i keep thinking this stuff!haha. Anyway, i'm just unloading my heavy thoughts and feelings here. The worst was, i felt sad, hurt and i really wanna scream so loud upon seeing him walking to the exit until he's out from my sight anymore. The fact that i will never see him again is indeed, hurt me so much! It's so hard to rationalize things between us like, how could we meet and see each other again? Is there any chance wherein we'll be bumped to each other in one place and we could recognize one another? I'm really hoping and praying for that moment to happen.

Hahay. His looks and his eyes keep on flashing in my thoughts out from nowhere and bothering me, truly! I wish we'll meet some time.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

July 14

I am now 21 years old. I celebrated my birthday few days ago, the 14th of July. Naks! I've really done a stupid thing on that day just for me to hide my real birth date to some of my friends even my new friends! Am i that bad?! haha. The freakiest thing i did was changing my birth date and month in my social networking sites such as Friendster and Facebook. I have altered my birthday in my 2 accounts in friendster so that it won't send alert or notification to my friends and those people connected to me. Moreover, hiding my birthday during that day from the "Birthday List" makes me at ease. tsk2. haha. Too stupid! I'd prefer them to know my real birthday after my it happend so that it won't bothered me anymore.haha. Actually, I was just doing that because I don't want everybody to be caught with my attention since it's my birthday. My point is, i just want it to be normal or just an ordinary day so that i won't be bothered by some people who keep on asking and expecting something from me. hehe.

The firt person who greeted me at 12 in the morning was one of my close friends in our training. His name is Jao. He is the only person who knows my real birth date. hehe. Then, the ring of my phone awakens me in the morning. It was my Auntie Violy who called me up. I was quite touched when she greeted me and sung for me a birthday song like "Today is your birthday a very special day. You must be happy more that yesterday. Forget All your sorrows..." Upon hearing it, i felt special and happy. I did feel the essence of that day, somehow. When i checked my phone inbox, i received many greetings from my family and my friends. Thanks for them who still remember my birthday. WoooW! They are really my friends. hehe.

Well, at home we prepared something for my birthday however, i wasn't able to join or ate dinner with my Auntie and cousins since i was on duty. My duty started from 3pm to 11pm. During the day, i went to church, i attended mass at 12 noon and i also offered a red candle. I thanked God for everything, for that special day and I also asked for forgiveness. Afterwards, i bought a 1 gallon ice cream and brought it home.

Just yesterday, i got back my real birthday to my accounts. hehe. Definitely, some of my friends greeted me and they were like asking an apology for their late greetings since they were notified by friendster and facebook after i changed my birthday. uhmm. Again, i've changed it back after July 14. Tsk! hehe. I also got many greetings in facebook on the day of my birthday. Most of those people who really greeted me on the day of my birthday were my old and close friends!

Well, Thank You, Thank You!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

This is it! Am i?

Well, I really don't understand anymore. I am quite confused. Just today, I tried to tell him that all i want is FREEDOM. I'm still like hanging at this moment since we are not seriously talking about it yet, since we just got back our relationship last month. Last night, when he called me i sounded like monotonous and our conversation was so dry. I reasoned out that i was just tired from work where in fact, i am no longer happy with him. I feel so numb with him anymore since the last week when we failed to keep in touch or contact with each other. Yeah, during last week i tried to understand the flaws in our relationship because we're both busy. Yet, his more busy than me because he needed to concentrate with his review in Nursing board exam last week, June 5-6. He didn't even text me or call me huh to greet for our "monthsary". With that, i did not greet him as well since i was really waiting for him to do so as well as, if he can still rememebr. Unluckily, there was none! I tried to understand and just took for granted all of those flaws. I never sent him him any messages too 'coz iw as really like waiting for him. Unexpectedly, it turned worst. I came to realize that he is no longer important to me. His importance to me vanishes even just for almost a week with no contact. I realized how tough it is when you're having a long distance relationship and there are guys out there who'll like trying to get your attention. Hey, I'm just a normal gal who easily falls and get attracted with, especially that i am exploring and trying to look for that someone to love and love me more than I do! naks! yeah, honestly.

I think the main reason of all of this is the happiness and the attention i got from the people who keep on showing their affection to me. Hahay, because of our weak relationship it did break down. I really feel so sad about it. Somehow, i cant deny that i do love him. Even before, though there were others who tried to express their feelings and admiration to me, i won't just entertain them. I just simply ignore it since i already have him whom i love and like. Until such time, that i get weak to hold on to him. Now, yes,i admit that it 's really my fault, since i keep on denying that i have relationship with someone. I always deny that i have boyfriend. As an outcome, i was caught by someone's attention which turns me numb to him and his importance to me is slowly fading.

Whenever i think about it especially him i would feel the pain. I'm still like hurt of what is happening. Actually, I do like and love him. Imagine, i still gave him the chance to start again with our relationship. Unfortunately, we were not able to work it out for the better. It turned worst. Maybe because we are far from each other. It is only the cellphone which makes our relationship runs however, we're unable to for a week with no contact and for the very shallow reason. Above all, it's just the feeling is fading little by little. So, i decided to end this up before i would hurt him more or he would hurt me again. tsk. how sad. You know, i still have the thought that maybe i would regret with my decision of letting him go. The reason why i keep on asking myself if i do really make a good decision. huhu. Hopefully! And hopefully, he would understand and accept whatever it is. However, there is still a hope in me that i'm gonna find someone who's right for me, in God's glory! The man who would make me say, "Oh God, You are the one!".

Thursday, May 7, 2009

stressful day

Haay. It was really a stressful day. Uh-uh. Now, i have experienced how tough it is to seek for a job and how tired it would be. I am just praying to God that He will give me strength and guidance in everything. I do hope that i would still be motivated in seeking and haunting for a stable job despite of the failures i encountered. Well, am still looking forward to land a job someday! hehe. In God's will. naks! :D

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Web Hosting

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tips to Reviving Your Relationship

Here are some tips to Reviving Your Relationship!

Do you and your sweetheart carve out quality alone-time together every week? Do you both take responsibility for it, or does the task fall to one or the other of you? Do you allow "real" interruptions to get in the way and spoil your planned time together?
Here are a few simple suggestions to prioritize your partner:

1. Meet once a week to look at your schedules and set aside time for each other.

2. At least once a week, plan a date night. Once a month, plan a date day (that's right, a whole day from morning to evening). Once each quarter, plan a weekend get-away. Once each year, plan a week away together.

3. Mark your planned time in your calendar, just like a dentist appointment or an appointment with a client. Write it in ink! Mark yourself out for a block of time.

4. Take turns planning your dates each week.

5. Do the grocery shopping and buy a bouquet of flowers for your partner.

6.Write a love note and leave it for your partner to find.

7. Take a break from watching TV and doing laundry or other chores. Go to bed early and share massages, talk, or cuddle.

8. Turn off the TV, turn on the stereo and have a talk.

9. Kiss your mate Good Morning and Good Night every day. Just say, "I love you."

Go guys! Take it!
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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Relaxing Furniture: Rustic Furniture

Are looking for wood or rustic furniture for your room or new room and rest house? Are you found of collecting furniture? Well, i have just found the website,, which would give you a satisfying rustic, western and log furniture designs! Rustic Furniture gives a warm and welcoming feelings in your room and in your log cabin. Scenic Furniture offers different furniture's designs like bedrooms, chopping board, lamps, tables, drawers, etc. It's so fantastic and relaxing.

When i dropped by at, i have seen directly on the page the different and cute designs of the wood furniture. One of the furniture that struct ans interest me is the Bedroom Furniture. I love it! I like it's design which shows uniqueness. It really feels relaxing guys! haha. I am interested on it. Whenever i can earn money someday possibly i would really take an order for that bedroom furniture! NAKS! HEHE.

So guys! What are you waiting for? You better drop and visit the site to witness scenic furniture! It's gauranteed safe. Go! go! go!

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Yummy Pizza!

Yepey! I already have eaten at Yellow Cab Pizza Co. I was with a friend. I thanked him for that pizza dinner at Yellow cab. hehe. Yummy!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Credit Card Comparison Site

Planning to apply for a credit card? Haven't you owned a credit yet?
If not, well I can share you something about choosing the best and a credit card comparison guide by directing you to Deals for credit Card website. They will help you choose and compare credit card offers. When i first witnessed the site, i have gotten some ideas from the different credit cards offers. We all know that most people are now dependent in using credit card for purchasing in any department stores and even grocery stores. But the relevance of the credit card now a day does not only limit on these, it as well being used in gasoline stations and even some other restaurants as a means of payment. It really provides good benefits and advantages to people. Just like my mother, she doesn't need to bring big amount of money anymore. However, there are some things that one must bear in mind with credit card. One must have self control in purchasing and use only credit card if necessary.

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

The success

Finally, i have done my school requirements. I am done being a student! Now, I am thinking and trying to decide for my future especially in landing a job. This is again a new beginning. A beginning to start the next phase of my life. Oh! i feel a bit scared and pressured because it is another challenge or battle to take and fight. I am really hoping to achieve my simple plans in life especially for my family. I do always ask for God's guidance and presence and I am so thankful for Him, for all the blessings that He showered upon me. I am able to make it because of Him. I thanked Him for the motivation despite of the failures and pains i encountered in my life. It made me strong and learn about life. Just yesterday, I went to church after i finished my errands to thank the Lord and i even asked for forgiveness for all my wrong deeds. I also thanked my family especially my Mom for the inspiration! My mom is one of my motivations. There are really a lot of people that i want to thank with. I hope that i would be able to help them in return of all their support. Indeed, I want to offer them to the Lord.

Hopefully, i would able to achieve my goals and plans. I'm praying to have a stable life and stable future with the right man. wahhh!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

T-shirt by Shontelle

Shontelle T-Shirt Lyrics:
Hey, trying to decide, trying to decide if I,
really wanna go out tonight.
I never use to go out without you,
I´m not sure I remember how to.
gonna be late gonna be late but,
all my girls gon have to wait cause,
I don´t know if I like my outfit.
I tried everything in my closet.

Nothing feels right when I´m not with you,
sick of this dress and these Jimmy Choos.
Taking them off cause I feel a fool,
trying to dress up when I´m missing you.
I´m a step out of this lingerie,
curl up in a ball with something Hanes.
In bed I lay, with nothing but your t-shirt on.
Oh, with nothing but your t-shirt on.

Hey, gotta be strong gotta be strong but I´m,
really hurting now that you´re gone.
I thought maybe I´d do some shopping,
but I didn´t get past the door and, now I don´t know, now
I don´t know if I´m, ever really gonna let you go and I,
couldn´t even leave my apartment.
I´m stripped down torn up about it.

Nothing feels right when I´m not with you,
sick of this dress and these Jimmy Choos.
Taking them off cause I feel a fool,
trying to dress up when I´m missing you.
I´m a step out of this lingerie,
curl up in a ball with something Hanes.
In that I lay (lay), with nothing but your t-shirt on.
(all by myself) with nothing but your t-shirt on.
I´m all by myself with nothing but your t shirt on,
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with nothing but your t shirt on
(cause I miss you)
(cause I miss you)
with nothing but your t shirt on
(said I miss you baby)

Now I don´t know, now
I don´t know if I´m, ever really gonna let you go and I,
couldn´t even leave my apartment.
I´m stripped down torn up about it.

Nothing feels right when I´m not with you,
sick of this dress and these Jimmy Choos.
Taking them off cause I feel a fool,
trying to dress up when I´m missing you.
I´m a step out of this lingerie,
curl up in a ball with something Hanes.
In bed I lay

Nothing feels right when I´m not with you
Sick of this dress and these Jimmy Choos
Taking them off cause I feel a fool
Trying to dress up when I´m missing you
(cause I miss you)
Ima step out of this lingerie
Curl up in a ball with something Hanes
(promise if you do)
In bed I lay
(I would be in bed)
with nothing but your t shirt on
Said I got nothing but your t-shirt on

(cause I wanna be close to you)
with nothing but your t-shirt on
I remember when you would like to see me
with nothing but your t-shirt on
Hey,(nothing but your t-shirt on)
let me tell you know,(nothing but your t-shirt on)
With nothing but your t-shirt on.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Proxy VPN Provider

Looking for a perfect Proxy VPN provider?
But before that, what's a VPN?
VPN is a Virtual Private Network. According to the wikipedia, it is a computer network in which some of the links between nodes are carried by open connections or virtual circuits in some larger network (e.g., the Internet) as opposed to running across a single private network.

Well, i have just found the best proxy VPN provider in the web. It's the World VPN! It offers its Proxy Services and guarantees:
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Saturday, February 21, 2009

A quote to ponder!

This is a kind of a quote that needs to be pondered. A friend sent this text message to me. Here it goes...

If you can't be a pencil
to write everyone's happiness...

Then try at least to be a nice rubber
to erase everyone's sorrow...

It's simple yet meaningful!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Complete Guide DVD for Laser Hair Removal

Hey guys! Looking for effective hair removal without undergoing any surgical operations? uh uh! The picture above is an underarm with laser on it. I have just discovered the Laser Hair Removal. Based from what i have read about it, it is popular in United States. It can be applied by both men and women. This would be a perfect and painless solution for those hairy people like me. I am a hairy person. I am so thankful and grateful that there is this Laser Hair Removal that would perfectly makes us flawless. Wow!

And, what is good about it is that, there is now a DVD which gives you a clear and actual demonstration, instruction and more information with regards to the product, Laser Hair Removal . It has a length of 1 hour and 44 mins. It provides and discusses things that can make you satisfied and confident in using Laser Hair Removal. I really recommend this to my friends and to all people who wanted to look beautiful and flawless. Wow! I have a friend who is very hair so i would suggest her to buy this DVD to give her tips and proper directions/instructions in using this particular gadget. The DVD has a reasonable price guys!

So, if you are interested with this, you can just click the link below to learn more and get more information. You can also view some part of the videos from

If you want to view some videos click WATCH!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

iphone new game - Doodle Kids

WOw! At an early age of 9 years old from Singapore named, Lim Ding Wen was able to innovate a new hit game for iPhone. It's really amazing! I have read it from Yahoo news. This new game is called Doodle Kids. This is about drawing and sketching through your finger tips on the iPhone screen. It really struck me, imagine, that little boy is fluent already with 6 programming languages. But the article did not state those programming languages that Ling Ding Wen knows. It was said that, he was inspired by his sister who loves to draw. This is the reason why he made it for her.

Great! I am pretty sure that this little boy possesses big potentials which can change the world into a more creative, advanced and innovative world. As well, he will be an inspiration and a challenge to all the people, young or old to do the same. What a talent!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Acobay: make known your blog

Acobay is a social networking site which you can probably earn money from them. Simply visit and register an account and add your blog there as many blogs as you can. I recently registered at ACOBAY, guys! I am interested with this because it can help me advertise my blog. It as well help me share and connect with other bloggers, websites, etc in the world wide web! Great! Register now!

Visit the site for more info. about ACOBAY. Drop by now!

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

2009 Reveals

Happy new year! Happy 2009!

Well, they have said that 2009 is a year of Optimism, Femininity and boldness. Wow!