Thursday, March 12, 2009

The success

Finally, i have done my school requirements. I am done being a student! Now, I am thinking and trying to decide for my future especially in landing a job. This is again a new beginning. A beginning to start the next phase of my life. Oh! i feel a bit scared and pressured because it is another challenge or battle to take and fight. I am really hoping to achieve my simple plans in life especially for my family. I do always ask for God's guidance and presence and I am so thankful for Him, for all the blessings that He showered upon me. I am able to make it because of Him. I thanked Him for the motivation despite of the failures and pains i encountered in my life. It made me strong and learn about life. Just yesterday, I went to church after i finished my errands to thank the Lord and i even asked for forgiveness for all my wrong deeds. I also thanked my family especially my Mom for the inspiration! My mom is one of my motivations. There are really a lot of people that i want to thank with. I hope that i would be able to help them in return of all their support. Indeed, I want to offer them to the Lord.

Hopefully, i would able to achieve my goals and plans. I'm praying to have a stable life and stable future with the right man. wahhh!