Sunday, July 26, 2009

I've been captured by handsome Stranger

It really bothers me so much!huhu. I was struck with someone at the beach just today when we celebrated the birthday of Pia (may inaanak). That someone i saw at the beach and the "EYE-TO-EYE" contact that we had which truly melted me so much keep on like flashing into my mind! I can't really let go that moments when our eyes met, twice! I can really feel something with that stares and, that's the reason why i feel like chasing him in my mind until now. I'm getting crazy because i keep on thinking things like, if only i do this and that...hahay! "Sayang!" and i'm like blaming myself for that wasted moments or chances that i failed to make a move!tsk! haha. grrr! Because there was a chance where i was holding the camera and he and his friends were like at the back of those people that i'm gonna take a shot. "Sayang!"huhu. I failed to take picture with him because of course, i'm like showing "pakipot", demure and im also watching my gestures or behavior since i'm a gurl. I should behave and have my pride. I don't want them even him think that im obviously flirting though i did. haha. Then, I never expected that their group would go home early. It was just 1pm when they packed up their things! Too early! This really made me sad and i felt the fast beat of my heart becaus i got pressured with the many thoughts in my mind! As n! Thinking that he will be gone from my eyes anymore and knowing that i don't have any idea about him, how could then, i meet this guy...

Well, it's only in my mind where i can chase him ,which is also the least i could do since i don't know about him even his name, where he come from and everything about him, im nothing. I just knew him by Face!huhu OMG! Now, i'm like paranoid about him. How could i meet him or see him again? Should i relay and believe in Destiny starting now? uh oh! hahay, I'm so funny why i keep thinking this stuff!haha. Anyway, i'm just unloading my heavy thoughts and feelings here. The worst was, i felt sad, hurt and i really wanna scream so loud upon seeing him walking to the exit until he's out from my sight anymore. The fact that i will never see him again is indeed, hurt me so much! It's so hard to rationalize things between us like, how could we meet and see each other again? Is there any chance wherein we'll be bumped to each other in one place and we could recognize one another? I'm really hoping and praying for that moment to happen.

Hahay. His looks and his eyes keep on flashing in my thoughts out from nowhere and bothering me, truly! I wish we'll meet some time.

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