Saturday, August 29, 2009

The latest in Me

After all, i missed going to work now! ahmf! I'm quite feeling bored right now. This is the first time ever that i feel this boredom since the day i left and off work. I thought it would make me happier having this lax life after all those stressful days. Huhumm. All I'm thinking right now is on how i am gonna get back everything like having work again. Thinking the first step that you're gonna make to start all over again is so depressing and stressful. Whenever i think about it, i feel like hopeless and uneasy. I am afraid of facing failures again! It's so tough at the start during the first step of finding a job. It's so tiring and all however, I need to do so and to sacrifice since I 'm the one who is in need of it. Another thing is, as other say, you have to send as many resumes as you can when you badly needed a job. But for me now, i just only sent few. uh oh! And, what should I expect? MIRACLE! hmp!

As of this moment, I am waiting for shall i say... Graces from God! hehe. ahmp! could be! And hoping that I would be blessed with the graces that God would grant me. Yeah, hopefully in God's guidance and blessings, I'd be having my successful career someday since we can't deny the fact that it's really hard looking for a job right now especially this time of crisis. The unemployment rate is rapidly growing. Everyone is badly needing job! tsk.

....all i can say is...

Hopefully... hopefully...

Long Live Job seekers!


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I completely understand your stress about finding a new job. Right now I am in the process of trying to get one for the summer. As a college student I fear if I don't get something how I am going to pay for the rest of college and support myself. You have to smooth talk manager and impress everyone. I fear if I just do one thing wrong , say one thing wrong I will somehow give the person deciding whether I get the job the wrong impression

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