Tuesday, February 10, 2009

iphone new game - Doodle Kids

WOw! At an early age of 9 years old from Singapore named, Lim Ding Wen was able to innovate a new hit game for iPhone. It's really amazing! I have read it from Yahoo news. This new game is called Doodle Kids. This is about drawing and sketching through your finger tips on the iPhone screen. It really struck me, imagine, that little boy is fluent already with 6 programming languages. But the article did not state those programming languages that Ling Ding Wen knows. It was said that, he was inspired by his sister who loves to draw. This is the reason why he made it for her.

Great! I am pretty sure that this little boy possesses big potentials which can change the world into a more creative, advanced and innovative world. As well, he will be an inspiration and a challenge to all the people, young or old to do the same. What a talent!

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