Friday, April 18, 2008

women's hair trends

One of the latest hair styles for women for this year is the POB cut style! Like the above picture. That is the POB style. This is some kind of an "oldies" yet, it is again the fashion hair cut now a days. You can also make your hair in plenty of other ways such as fringed or fringeless, blonde or brunette, short at the back, or blunt cut all over. It clicks today, since summer is on the air! ahmmm. Well, I am already on the trends. My hair is somewhat like the picture at the right!(above) hehe. But, the only difference is that, it has just no color or not "blonde". I will never try to put colors on my hair anymore. I have learned a lesson, already! My hair got frizzy and burned by the chemicals of that hair color product. How sad! That is why i am now contented with the normal color of my hair(black).

here's also the other style. It is called as the MASCULINE hair trends. wow! what a style?hehe.

love the style? hehe.

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