Saturday, August 9, 2008

Tips on how to look FRESH and Glamorous all day

Well, here's beauty tips for you guys! I am interested on this since i suffer from dry face and i am not that particular in putting up make up on my face. In short, i am not used to put make up. Lip gloss or Lip tint is enough for the whole day, for me. So, i found this and i wanted to learn and practice these tips!

FIRST! Moisturizing before applying make up is vital for a fresh long lasting look.
  1. Dab concealer in areas that need it, follow with foundation. Take your time applying foundation using small amounts and blending it in well. For a natural look one application is enough, to get more coverage apply a second layer. Apply a layer for foundation to the eyes to make eye shadow last longer and create an even base.
  2. Set your foundation with a dusting of OG translucent powder in Matt.
  3. Using Matt cream eye shadow from the Smokey palette apply to the lid right upto eye brow.
  4. Apply Silver Ice highlight shimmer to the inner corners of the eye, blending well. Follow this with an application of Silver highlighter from the Smokey eye shadow palette.
  5. Apply Grey shadow from Smokey palette in the crease of the eye and blend well.
  6. Using Black liquid eye liner, line the eyes creating the dramatic eyes. Follow with mascara.
  7. Apply Peach blusher , blending well.
  8. Create sexy red lips with Red Lipstick followed by Ultra Glossy lip gloss in Crystal Sparkle.
  9. Finish with a dab of Shimmer powder on the décolleté , cheek bones, shoulders & legs.
Got this info @ this site.


-edz- said...

hehehe.. i need these tips.. =)


happy blogging!

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